Product Category: Door Hardware

Tedee smart lock

This discreet device is installed on a door lock inside your property. Smart lock works by controlling your existing lock cylinder like seamlessly rotating a key. Your hardware stays intact, and you can also conveniently unlock it like a traditional door using a key. Battery-powered mechanism mounted on the inside of your door. Charge as little as every 14 months without removing from the door. Locks and unlocks via Tedee mobile App or add a Tedee Keypad for pin code entry, connects to Tedee bridge for remote functions. Supports all major smart home systems Compatible with a majority of door…

Archie Hardware Australia

Connecting People and Spaces Founded in 1990, Guangdong Archie Hardware Company Limited built our reputation on world-class consultation and installation services, and comprehensive after-sales support. Growing together with our clients over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to control every stage of production. With a rapidly growing list of accreditation's and industry honors, Archie began attracting a wider global audience for its products. Today, Archie’s sales network spans the globe –with more than 1700 agents and distributors in 59 countries around the world. [caption id="attachment_40479" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Archie Hardware Headquarters[/caption]  

FORMANI ECLIPSE – David Rockwell

  Simplicity meets innovation in ECLIPSE by David Rockwell. The iconic silhouette is a cylindrical form with a curved, carved channel—an inflection point that perfectly meets the hand’s grasp. Simple, sculptural tooling offers both a square and round return option for a distinctive profile. The sublime finish creates soft lines that ensure a perfect ergonomic grip. The door handle is manufactured as one piece, allowing the moon-like detailing to continue seamlessly along the entire length of the arm and over the curve to the start of the neck. 4 different variations & finishes   AWARDS The Australian Good Design Awards…