Product Category: Concrete

CSR Hebel

CSR Hebel is Australia’s leading manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). Backed by CSR, the trusted name in building products, Hebel is a strong yet lightweight building product that is available in panels or blocks. It is kind to the environment, quick to build with and better to live in. Used right across the construction sector, Hebel AAC products are non-combustible. They are suitable for external walls/facades, internal walls, floors, fencing, sound barriers, fire & acoustic walls and fire tunnels. Hebel products and systems deliver a range of outstanding benefits to builders, architects, and homeowners. Click to view video:

MATEENBAR™ Concrete Reinforcement

Concrete Cancer?  Mateenbar is the answer! The ultimate reinforcement of concrete in challenging applications Corrosion of steel rebar in concrete reinforcement has many consequences not least of which is the high cost of rehabilitation.  In environments, susceptible to chemical attack the corrosion risk is multiplied as is the cost of protection systems for steel reinforcement. Mateenbar™ is the latest generation composite rebar which offers significant advantages over traditional steel reinforcement Corrosion resistance Highly resistant to chemical attack and rust. High tensile strength Tensile strength up to 3 times stronger than steel and superior bond strength. Non-magnetic & non-conductive Avoids associated…