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  • New thinking transforms housing construction’

    If you’re in the housing design, manufacturing or construction business, you know the industry in Australia is challenged. Skilled labour is in short supply, productivity levels are low and have not improved ... more
  • Leading Airport Terminal Maintenance & Facilities Summit Returns in January 2019!

    Equip Global’s 2nd Airport Terminal Maintenance & Facilities Management Summit returns to Singapore on 28 - 31 January 2019. This 4-day summit will allow participants to stay ahead of the curve on airport... more
  • Draft agenda now released and available

    The draft agenda for the 3rd Edition Fire Safety and Safety Summit 2019 has been released and is available now. The event will be held on 26-27 February, 2019 in Queensland where the government has introduce... more
  • Sydney BUILD Expo 2019 Is joining forces with CIVENEX

    Sydney, NSW: Oliver Kinross the organiser of Sydney Build, a leading and large-scale construction show & expo for NSW, is proud to announce that Sydney Build 2019 will be held in partnership with CIVENEX, A... more
  • There’s a revolution in offsite timber construction.

    Smart technology is changing everything. The advances taking place in the offsite manufacture of timber frame and mass wood buildings for residential and commercial buildings, is nothing short of revolutionary.... more
  • Meet 7,000+ building and architecture buyers and specifiers at DesignBUILD 2019

    Build Australia’s partner event, DesignBUILD, returns to the lucrative Sydney market in 2019. Following the success of the 2017 DesignBUILD event and a forecasted $62bn worth of work to be done in the next... more

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2ND AIRPORT TERMINAL Maintenance & Facilities Management SUMMIT 2019

Airport Terminal Maintenance & Facilities Management Summit is BACK! Taking place from 28-31 January 2019 in Singapore, the 2nd Airport Terminal Maintenance & Facilities Management Summit 2019 will gather Decision Makers from across the Maintenance, Assets, Technical Services, HVAC & Facilities Management Departments to share best practices in optimizing the performance of critical assets in the airport with cost-effective plans! The 4-day summit focuses on addressing the challenges in maintaining aging assets, managing critical assets to prevent equipment failures and innovations on energy management to reduce energy consumption. Expect to hear proven strategies to extend the lifecycle of assets, optimize maintenance cost, leveraging on technology to capture data and perform analysis, reduce response time on breakdowns and to increase reliability of critical assets lik... more

Safe Cladding Buildings and Facade Innovation Summit

This is a premier conference that brings together government, building owners, developers, certifiers and fire safety professionals to develop solutions and ensure the safety and compliance of Australia’s buildings. Why Attend? Hear from the Chair of the UK National Fire Chiefs Council on key learning outcomes of the Grenfell incident and how to implement effective fire protection and risk mitigation strategies Hear from the UK based Global Building Standards Director of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on key learning outcomes of the Grenfell incident and how to develop quality safety standards Get the latest updates on changes in building systems, policy and program reforms and legislation changes from Australian Federal Government, QLD, ACT & VIC Governments Case studies on successful retrofitting and replacement of non-compliant cladding – ... more

4th Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2019

The 4th Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2019 is the region’s event platform showcasing the latest techniques and technology in the modularization and prefabrication context. Discover best practice from modular builders that have successfully built modern modular commercial and residential buildings in and out of the region. Modular construction now accounts for $4.5 billion of Australia’s $150 billion construction industry. The 4th edition of the conference will focus on international and well known Australian OSM & DfMA exemplars, the industry’s best practice and new innovative techniques & technologies that will strengthen and enhance the uptake of modular construction methodology in the ANZ construction industry. This event, a key industry gathering of international prefab/OSM experts, master builders, offsite manufacturing practitioners, developers... more

Construction Tech & Transformation Summit

The Construction Technology and Transformation Summit is a premier conference that brings together the building and construction sector to explore the latest strategies and technologies that can increase profitability, productivity and safety in construction.    While implementing new technology is often a steep learning curve that requires a significant investment of time and resources, there is massive incentive for the construction industry to adapt and innovate to transform processes and improve the performance of construction projects. Why Attend? Leverage strategies to reshape the built environment by embracing digital disruption in the industry to improve construction and engineering efficiency and safety Learn how to enhance consumer interaction with spaces through project digitization and understand the challenges and opportunities of implementing new constructio... more

Smart Buildings Summit

This is a premier conference that brings together developers, architects, real estate firms, engineers, facility managers and technology companies to explore the latest strategies and technological insights for in-building technologies and the future of smart residential, commercial and mixed used buildings. Why Attend? Hear from developers and asset owners as they share A-grade smart projects and learn how you could champion the next benchmark development Unpack the drivers for smart buildings and understand how smart buildings can capture the human value of a society through improved liveability Best practice for creating vibrant and healthy work environments through innovative urban amenity Explore automated building systems that actively manage room temperature, carbon dioxide level and illuminance to improve energy efficiency and user flexibility & comfort ... more

Future Build

Futurebuild is the evolution of ecobuild and fulfilment of the bold vision for the future that we first announced following the acquisition of the event at the end of 2016. Futurebuild 2019 brings together opinion-shapers, decision-makers and product innovators under a common purpose to explore the latest technologies and approaches, and debate the biggest issues facing the built environment – now and in the future – both in the UK and overseas.... more

Sydney Build Expo

Sydney is now experiencing a $7 billion renaissance with $4.8 billion worth of construction projects underway in the CBD alone. This is coupled with a further $3.1 billion of approved projects that are due for completion by 2025. Likewise, infrastructure works are booming with the development of WestConnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro and two light rail lines, which are all taking place concurrently. Since its launch 3 years ago, Sydney Build has quickly built a loyal following, drawing in attendees due to its focus on Sydney and its surrounding region; its fresh content; exclusive networking events; and entertainment. Last year’s show was met with huge success, with 157 exhibitors; 11,839 pre-registered visitors; 56 supporting partners; and 92 speakers. After reaching full capacity last year, Sydney Build will be taking up both the Royal Hall of Industries and its neighboring venue -... more

10th Annual WA Major Projects Conference 2019

The WA Major Projects Conference is back in its 10th year and will take place on 20 & 21 March 2019 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. Attracting over 200 attendees from across Australia, the event continues to be the premier infrastructure event in the State providing a platform to discuss the progress, challenges and share best practice solutions for WA’s infrastructure sector. With confidence returning to the mining industry, the WA economy continues to turn the corner and is expected to be the fastest growing state by 2020. The State Government is heavily investing in job-creating economic infrastructure, with $3.6 billion allocated for METRONET Projects, $3.2 billion for roads, $655 million towards health infrastructure and a $22.2 billion investment towards education in the recent budget. Against this backdrop, the 10th Annual WA Major Projects Confe... more

Future Cities Show 2019

Future Cities Show will be a show that unites leaders from various industries to interact, discuss and showcase solutions for a smart sustainable future. Future Cities Show will be entering its third edition on 8th to 10th April 2019 and will create an unmatched platform for stakeholders to learn, share ideas, form wider network, and secure investment partnerships within the realm of creating new cities that address social, economic, and environmental challenges. The show will have five leading future city solutions including: Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Smart Infrastructure Smart Mobility Sustainability. Future Cities Show will also bring the future today by highlighting the achievements and plans of its host Dubai, with Dubai 10X Initiatives, set by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.  Th... more

Smart Campus Summit 2019

Higher education institutions are becoming more familiar with smart connected campus concepts such as building automation, secure enterprise communications, sustainable energy and other major technology trends impacting campuses today. Given the large number of buildings and the growing communication needs of a student body, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the topic. Campuses are now embracing smart digital technologies to better compete with other institutions and deliver improved student experiences. The Smart Campus Summit will bring together senior management, digital, IT and facility management leaders from higher education to discuss best practice smart campus strategies.... more

VIC Transport Infrastructure Conference 2019

The 11th Annual Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference will be held on the 1 – 2 May 2019 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. In its 11th year running, this event continues to be the state’s largest transport infrastructure conference, attracting upwards of 200 attendees annually. Following the success of past events, the theme of the 2019 edition of the Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference is “Transporting Victoria Forward”. The conference will feature up-to-date presentations that discuss the prioritisation, planning and delivery of critical transport infrastructure across the state. The event will also provide attendees with access to highly valuable private networking opportunities where project managers, operators, contractors, consultants and investors can learn about the major transport projects that are shaping the future of Victoria... more

DesignBUILD Expo

DesignBUILD brings Australia’s most enterprising Architects, Developers and Construction professionals together. Not only to connect in the most efficient way possible, but to raise industry standards as a whole. An invaluable opportunity to connect with peers, source quality materials, hear about legislation updates, and get insights into property trends, DesignBUILD is the cornerstone of the industry. As the only dedicated trade show to bring together a qualified audience of over 7,000 professionals, DesignBUILD is the leading platform for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products and materials to key industry specifiers. Also featuring a three-day education program that explores industry trends and training, including updates to the compliance regulation in Australia, new green initiatives, building design trends and innovative construction technologies. ... more

Workplace Health & Safety Show 2019

Discover interactive, innovative and collaborative solutions to make your workplace safer. An exciting addition to the safety industry event landscape, the Workplace Health & Safety Show is the official exhibition of #SAFETYSCAPE.  This all-encompassing safety event will also include numerous conferences produced by the Safety Institute of Australia and associated partners.The Workplace Health & Safety Show coming to Sydney in May 2019. Destined to be more than just an exhibition,  the focus will be on live, interactive two-way learning.This is the must attend event for all safety professionals from a range of industries including manufacturing, building/construction, mining, councils/local government, hospitals, transport and more. ... more

‘Timber Offsite Construction’ Frame Australia 2019 Conference & Exhibition

The only national event focusing on the world-wide transformation to timber offsite construction, with a program featuring prominent local and international experts discussing timber and mass wood building systems. Now in its 21st year, the 2019 event will be an expanded 2-day sessions program covering an exciting array of new technologies and latest building solutions, providing delegates with valuable insight and guidance from speaker presentations, panel sessions and workshop groups. A new and larger venue for the exhibition offers suppliers the opportunity to access emerging construction markets, with a display booth providing an unparalleled opportunity for networking and establishing business contacts. For more information visit the website www.frameaustralia.com or contact Kevin Ezard on mobile 0419 538 638 email kevin@frameaustralia.com    ... more

10th Annual Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference

The 10th Annual Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference will convene on the 18th and 19th of June 2019 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The theme of the 2019 event is “Queensland’s Transport Future – Moving People and Places”. The 2- day conference will not only highlight the major transport infrastructure projects in the pipeline for the State but also showcase innovative new digital trends and industry game changers such as the rise of disruptive applications and their convergence with transport infrastructure. A premiere infrastructure event with 20+ expert speakers and over 200 delegates in attendance annually, the conference will be an exciting hub of knowledge sharing and networking with government, private organisations and industry experts. As part of its strong plan for a bright future, the Queensland Government is committed to delivering bet... more

Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2019

The more populated our cities become, the taller and more vertical grow the buildings housed within them. Traditional notions of skyscrapers being isolating, unimaginative structures are cast aside as we begin to embrace the potential of tall buildings not only aiding wellness and social interaction, but benefiting their surrounding cities – environmentally, socially, aesthetically, and importantly, for the future. The 3rd Annual Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit 2019 will provide a platform for leading architecture, engineering, construction and design experts to explore the latest trends, concepts and solutions related to future-proof high-rise design. About the Smart Skyscrapers Summit The Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit forms part of Expotrade Global’s larger Smart Skyscrapers series, with its major Northern Hemisphere event being held in Dubai yearly. Since i... more

12th Annual SA Major Projects Conference 2019

The South Australian Major Projects Conference is back in its 12th year and will take place on the 3oth & 31st July 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The two day conference will profile major infrastructure projects across the State, which will create employment opportunities in years to come. The event will also provide a platform to explore the plans and polices of the newly elected Liberal Government, which include better infrastructure planning and more transparent decision-making to support long-term economic growth and more jobs for South Australia. South Australia’s economy is rapidly transitioning from its traditional manufacturing base into a host of new industries aimed at driving economic growth. Sectors primed for driving the State’s economy in the future include defence, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, innovation, agriculture and tourism. Wel... more

Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2019

Running for the sevent year in a row, the 2019 Australian Smart Lighting Summit will bring participants the latest news on urban, street, public and outdoor lighting from across the industry. Annually attracting over 150 delegates, this year’s summit will provide over 35 Australian and international-based speakers the platform to present on and discuss the technological innovations, long-term sustainability and implementation surrounding exterior lighting. This year’s summit, being held on the 28-29 August at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, has been tailored to reflect an all-inclusive range of topics prevalent to public lighting; including but not limited to, human centric lighting, funding opportunities, connected lighting, smart pole technology, sustainability and street light replacements. Participating in this distinguishable lighting event allows delegat... more

NSW Major Projects Conference 2019

The 11th Annual NSW Major Projects Conference will be held on the 17th and 18th of September 2019 at the International Convention Centre - Sydney. Attracting well over 250 delegates, this event continues to be one of the state’s largest major projects and infrastructure conferences. Surpassing past years with a record investment of $87.2 billion towards state infrastructure, the state of New South Wales is gearing up for some major upgrades. Over the next four years, NSW is expected to have more major infrastructure projects being delivered that any other state, not to mention the record investment of $8 billion budgeted for major health facilities, upgrades and redevelopments. Over the course of two days, the conference will bring together over 25 expert speakers and policy makers from the government and private sectors to discuss major infrastructure projects underway as well a... more

NT Major Projects Conference 2019

The recent release of the NT Government’s 2018/2019 Budget has revealed investment in a host of key infrastructure-related projects, each of which will serve to further grow the territory’s population, create more jobs, and ultimately build a brighter future. Because of this heady investment, there has never been a better time to attend the 10th Annual NT Major Projects Conference, taking place on the 29th and 30th of October at the Darwin Convention Centre. The Government’s 2018-2019 infrastructure investment program will put forth a substantial $1.45 billion towards achieving these goals. Developments including major road upgrades, investment in tourism infrastructure, revitalising the Territory’s CBDs, and social housing and justice centre upgrades are poised to shape the NT’s evolution in a number of crucial ways. Attracting over 250 delegates annually, the largest... more