Grand Designs

  • Historical candy factory in Sweden to be transformed into affordable housing project

    A former factory and site in Gävle, Sweden, known for producing the legendary Swedish candy Läkerol, is set to be transformed into an innovative eco-centric housing and mixed-use development by Singapore-base... more
  • Pomeroy Studio partners with Sport Singapore to masterplan grand sports and recreation facility in Singapore

    Singapore-based interdisciplinary sustainable design firm, Pomeroy Studio, have partnered with national sporting body, Sport Singapore, and collaborated with global infrastructure and transport engineers, Arup,... more
  • Museum

    Museum opens in Europe’s largest sculpture park in Norway

    Traversing the winding Randselva river, The Twist museum designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group opens as an inhabitable bridge torqued at its centre, forming a new journey and art piece within the Kistefos Sculptu... more
  • Federation Square added to Victorian Heritage Register

    Since opening in 2002, Federation Square has become of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks – forming a meeting place for all Melburnians in the centre of the city and home to some of Victoria’s leading cult... more

Unexpected beauty brought to Melbourne Meat Market

Grimshaw Architects transformed the Meat Market in North Melbourne into a giant installation that literally wrapped around the hub for Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW18), the City of Melbourne’s annual festival which explores Melbourne’s smart and innovative future. Comprising of approximately one square kilometre of fruit netting, the tensile structure was manipulated to provide an atmospheric experience of movement and light that enveloped and connected the programmed events and lively discussions of the event. “Our design takes its cues from the term ‘watershed’, which we’ve interpreted as a... more

Origami inspired architecture celebrates urban livability

Each year the MPavillion forms an innovating civic space, forming a location built for the community to engage and share. This year’s edition is part of an ongoing series and is designed by influential Barcelona-based architect Carme Pinós (from his firm Estudio Carme Pinós). MPavillion 2018 is the fifth in an ongoing series commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, a Summer experience built in the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne. The winning origami-like architecture was designed to celebrate urban livability, as well as a trial in sharp but poetic, experimental design. With this success, Carme w... more

A minimalist and monochromatic office design

Using a black and white minimalist colour pallet, Candlefox’s HQ oozes a sleek design edge, transforming a conventional office space into something unique. Less is more may sound like a cliché, but with the minimalist design trend, that's the essence of this area of design. Having a simplistic approach to design can be manifested by stripping back the unnecessary, and focusing on creating elegant solutions that serve functional experiences.  The unique Candlefox office, which is designed by Tom Robertson Architects is an example of this design put to good use. The space ingrates a crisp white backgrou... more

Transforming Sydney’s beach amenities with sustainable design

Sam Crawford Architects have transformed North Bondi Amenities and Marks Park Amenities through beautiful and sustainable design, pushing life into the precincts around them. If you’ve ever been to a beautiful beach in Australia, you’re probably familiar with the standard red brick toilet and shower space that doesn’t really resemble its surroundings. The North Bondi Amenities were designed to accommodate large summer crowds, built for bare feet, salty skin and designed to withstand the sting of the coastal elements year after year. “Orientated to the ocean, the promenade address draws people into... more

The Urban Design Changing Interactions With Transport

The Ormond Station and North Road Level Crossing Removal (OSNRLCR) seeks to provide an integrated urban design solution to transforming a major transport precinct whilst encompassing public space, buildings, landscape and civil engineering for public benefit. In a collaboration with contractor John Holland, the architects at Grimshaw had a key objective of softening the harsh road and rail environment around the OSNRLCR project, choosing to do this through the creation of a series of smaller public places benefiting rail users, the community and potential future residents of the site. “These spaces prov... more

The new Dubai building, designed to look like an iPod

Named ‘The Pad’, the brand-new 26-story residential building can be found in Business Bay, Dubai. The unique building was designed by the tech-savvy James Law Cybertecture, to look just like an Apple iPod. The Pad’s chosen design was the result of winning a competition but beat out the others with such as unique and intriguing proposal. The Pad is set to be a form a new kind of architecture which takes on board the technological advances available to ‘allow inhabitants to program their own software for their building’. The philosophy behind this design has been called ‘cybertecture’. The Pad... more

MONA’s Brand New Hotel to ‘Shout, Not Whisper’

Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has big plans for a new five-star hotel, with aims to achieve the Living Building Challenge certification. The new hotel, which may be named HoMo (Hotel Mona), will be a ‘will shout instead of whisper’ in comparison to the well-known museum. The design of the building cycled through many iterations over the years, and finally emerging through the collective efforts of architects at Nonda Katsalidis and David Walsh, among others. “We started with an inverted suspension bridge,’ explained David Walsh, “but then the value engineers got at it. Now it's just... more

The ‘Uniquely Western Australian’ Design Behind Perth Children’s Hospital

The new Perth Children’s Hospital opened to patients, staff and the community, and spans approximately 78000 square metres, with 12 building levels, and is being considered a ‘uniquely Western Australian’ building. The hospital was designed in collaboration between JCY, Cox Architecture, and Billard Leece Partnership. The animated lighting of artist Stuart Green’s “fizz” sculpture and the green façade surrounding the new hospital provides a ‘visual wonderland’ for those driving past at night. When facing the north side of the hospital, pedestrians can also catch a glimpse at the creative scu... more

Sustainability and Urban Design meet at Cabarita Park Conservatory

Cabarita Park is a historic 10-hectare park located on the southern shore of the Parramatta River. Cabarita Park Conservatory is a marvel of sustainability and urban design coming together to form a community space for all.  It’s a council building that doesn’t look like a council building… Designed by architects at Sam Crawford for The City of Canada Bay Council, Cabarita Park Conservatory comprises of three pavilions which have been intended to be used as a true community space, accommodating for a range of activities (such as exhibitions, community groups, functions, workshops) for the public. The b... more